Law Clinic Success!

The Hite Law Group had a great time this weekend holding a legal clinic for BreakOUT! members and LGBTQ community members. The Justice and Accountability Center joined us to talk about the expungement process, while The Hite Law Group discussed how transgender people can have their name legally changed to be in line with their gender identity, and how to amend birth certificates, state ID's, and social security cards to have the new name and gender marker. It was a great chance for people to address the potential legal issues in their lives and get some support from LGBTQ-identified and LGBTQ-inclusive lawyers. 

We offered pro bono support and services in the name change process, and are proud to be assisting the amazing young membership of BreakOUT! in gaining gender appropriate names. As we filled out paperwork, a lot of discussion was had about the weight that old, gender inappropriate names placed on transgender people. Without a legal name change, there is always that barrier holding people back from being completely open and confident. We are very proud to assist in overcoming this one hurdle in helping transgender individuals live a more complete, affirming, and safe life. 

To learn more about the inspiring young LGBTQ people at BreakOUT! visit their website at 

To learn more about the Justice and Accountability Center's efforts to help people clean their records so they can improve their lives, you can visit their website at

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