Louisiana Name Change Guide

The Hite Law Group has been a close parter and ally of BreakOUT! since our founding. BreakOUT! is a non-profit organization that works to organize young people around the de-criminalization of LGBTQ youth. They work to push for new public policies and practices that truly support LGBTQ young people, rather than increase the odds that they will wind up homeless or incarcerated. Their work seeks to lift up the voices of LGBTQ young people, particularly the voices of young transwomen of color. 

Their focus on empowering members of the LGBTQ community, as well as their work to increase true access to justice for all people, matches the goals of The Hite Law Group. We both work to give the skills and support to LGBTQ people facing a very real harm of prejudice and injustice. With these common goals in mind, BreakOUT! and The Hite Law Group, with support from Tulane's Gamma Rho Lambda, produced this handy-dandy guide to changing your name in Louisiana. 

This brochure gives a broad overview of a process that we think can be done pro se (without a lawyer). Handling these procedures without a lawyer makes it less costly, and allows the individual to be empowered in controlling their own legal destiny. Feel free to check out this amazing new resource and share it with people you think could use it. 

And don't forget to check back here in the coming days as The Hite Law Group expands our resources for clients interested in limited representation, or who just need some documents drafted. It's an positive advancement in legal technology, and an exciting step forward for The Hite Law Group and our clients!

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