Our Commitment To Our Clients

Like many of you, we spent this weekend reeling from the racist, bigoted, violent events that continue to unfold in Charlottesville, Virginia. This kind of hatred is not new in America, and is not a surprise to us, or the people we represent in courtrooms every day. In fact, resisting this kind of racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic bigotry is exactly why The Hite Law Group was founded. This violent hatred destroys lives, families, communities, and the very idea of justice in America. In so many ways, we at The Hite Law Group are insulated from this hatred and privileged to have our voices heard, our pain seen, and our rights protected; as are many of you.

From our place of safety we must step forward and shoulder the burden of forcing change.

That is why we wish to make clear that our office will continue in our explicit dedication to leverage our own privilege to provide expansive and inclusive representation aimed at protecting, supporting, and raising the voices of our clients and their communities. We call on you to now do the same.