Trans Awareness Week

Beginning today, individuals and organizations across the country are taking part in Transgender Awareness Week. The Hite Law Group is proud to join our community in setting this week apart as an exceptional opportunity to raise the visibility of our loved and loving transgender and gender non-conforming community members.

HLG has had the honor of serving many of the trans* and GNC members of our community and we are thankful every day for the opportunity to do so and are inspired by the chance to continue to be of service. Our work with Trans* and GNC folks has taken us to the four corners of Louisiana. Among our clients have been students and medical professionals, teachers and truck drivers. They’ve been parents, siblings, and friends. It is true that many of them have experienced the worst our society has to offer. But it’s just as true that they have given the HLG team some of the best hugs, and biggest smiles, and kindest thank you cards.

This week will culminate on November 20th for Transgender Day of Remembrance, Resilience, and Resistance (TDOR). We encourage you to seek out a #Transweek or #TDOR event in your community and lend your support. Meanwhile, check back here each day this week as HLG will highlight a person, program, or issue in the trans* and GNC community that has been getting our attention and we think deserves your attention, too.

Nicholas HiteComment